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How To Care For My Succulents

"Dear Succulent, I Promise I'll Never Desert You." ~Unknown
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Welcome to the Succulent Family!

Succulents grow in arid climates. They love bright light and hate having wet feet!
Here are some caring tips for growing succulents in Singapore. Different species may have different needs, observe your plant's growth and adjust accordingly.

Last but not least, happy gardening!

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Know Your Succulents

There are a wide varieties of succulents, it is best to google and read about them and their growing habitat.

Singapore's climate is hot and humid, so observe your succulents' growth. If they are not doing well, you may want to move them to another location for observation or check your watering. Over-watering often kills the plants.

Repot Your Succulents

Succulents need to be potted in a medium.

Get potting mix from nurseries or supermarkets. Make sure to get the right potting medium for growing succulents. Do not use soil as it holds too much water which will cause succulents to rot and die.

Bright Light!

Succulents love bright light.

Observe their growth, it's their way of telling you whether they love their environment.

  • If they are scorched, it's too hot for them!
  • If they grow lanky, they need more light.
  • If they are leaning towards the light, rotate the pots regularly.


Succulents don't like wet feet, so water sparingly into the potting medium.

Water according to weather, eg if it's raining season, you can skip watering them. Poke your finger into the medium, if it feels moist, then watering is not required. It is important to let the medium dry out between waterings.

Under-watering is better than over-watering to prevent rot.


TLC means tender loving care! All living things need TLC, other than air, water, food, to grow well.

Growing succulents or other plants are therapeutic and taught us about patience, persistence, responsibility and many other values. Sometimes it takes a few to many tries and experiences to get it right. Don't give up, there is always something to learn from growing a plant.

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A plant's survival depends on many factors. The caring tips do not cover all aspects of growing and caring for succulents, air plants or other potted plants. My Bloom House shall not be liable for the condition of a plant after delivery or using the above tips.

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