Fresh Floral Bouquets

Caring Tips For Longer Vase Life

How To Maximise My Bouquet's Vase Life

"Let Love Blossom In You" ~Felicia
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A fresh floral bouquet brings joy and positivity to one's life. So, how does one take care of a bouquet to get the maximum possible vase life?

Here are some tips to enjoy a bouquet till the last flower.

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What you will need:

  • A clean vase or container
  • A pair of scissors
  • Flower food (optional)

Receiving A Bouquet

Upon reaching home, remove all the wrappers. You can also just cut below the ribbon point and remove the wrappers to expose the stems.

Remove the cotton sheet that is wrapped around the stems, and you are ready to hydrate your bouquet.

Quality of Water & Hydration

Clean and sanitize your vase or container thoroughly.

If flower food is provided, prepare the solution according to the instructions on the flower food packaging.

Fill the vase with fresh water/flower food solution to about 1/3 of the vase's height. Add more water/solution if the stems are short or if vase is light and may topple.

Remove leaves that come into contact with the water in the vase. Remember, no leaves under the water level.

Cut 2-3cm off the stems at an angle. Fresh cuts allow flowers to take up water.

Bacteria grows fast in Singapore's warm climate. So, change the water every day and re-cut the stems every alternate day.

Wilted Flowers & Rotting Stems

Flowers wilt at different rates. It is important to remove wilted, moldy or rotten flowers and stems daily.

As the bouquet shrinks in size, get a smaller vase/container for the remaining stalks. Fill it with fresh water.

Remove leaves that come into contact with the water in the vase.

Cut 2-3cm off the stems at an angle and you are ready to arrange your flowers!

First, add the foliages into the vase. They help to create a holding 'structure' for the flowers.

Then arrange the flowers amongst the foliages.

Tips: Vary the height of foliages and flowers (some short, some tall) to create depth.

Change the water every day. Re-cut the stems every alternate day.

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Flowers bloom and wilt at different rates, even if they are from the same stem.

If you are left with a few flowers, just grab some small bottles and let that one or two stalks continue to light up a spot in your home. We want to enjoy the beauty of the flowers till the very last one.

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