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How To Care For Air Plants

"Let Love Blossom In You." ~Felicia
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Welcome to the Tillandsias Family!

Tillandsias, aka Air Plants, are hardy plants that require low maintenance. They grow happily in a bright and high relative humidity environment.

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Know Your Air Plants

There are a wide varieties of air plants, it is best to google and read about them and their growing habitat.

Singapore's climate is hot and humid, so avoid direct sunlight. Tillandsias can be hang on trees or kept indoor with bright light.

Hang The Tillandsias

Air plants do not grow in soil. They are epiphytes which attach themselves to trees or rocks.

You can hang an air plant or simply attach it on a piece of stone.

Bright Light!

They need bright light.

  • If they are scorched, it's too hot for them!
  • If they curled too much, they need more water.
  • If they grow lanky, they need more light.


Mist air plants daily.

Once a month, soak them in a tub of water for 30mins to an hour.

  • Remove air plants from water and turn them upside down. Vigorously shake them to remove excess water collected at the base.
  • Place them upside down near a window to dry. Ensure water does not trap at the base of the plant.
  • Water traps at the base can cause an air plant to rot and die.


TLC means tender loving care! All living things need TLC, other than air, water, food, to grow well.

Growing air plants or other plants are therapeutic and taught us about patience, persistence, responsibility and many other values. Sometimes it takes a few to many tries and experiences to get it right. Don't give up, there is always something to learn from growing a plant.

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A plant's survival depends on many factors. The caring tips do not cover all aspects of growing and caring for succulents, air plants or other potted plants. My Bloom House shall not be liable for the condition of a plant after delivery or using the above tips.

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