Terms And Conditions

(1) Order Acceptance & Pricing

(1.1) We reserve the right to accept or decline your order for whatever reasons or so.
(1.2) If there is an error in pricing, representation or promotion, we reserve the right to cancel these orders.
(1.3) We may review the pricing of our goods/products or delivery and re-delivery fees from time to time. Please check your order carefully before payment.
(1.4) My Bloom House will not be liable for any damages or losses resulted from the cancellation of your order.

(2) Delivery & Re-delivery

(2.1) Free delivery, unless otherwise stated. Not applicable for re-delivery.
(2.2) Delivery to one location per order. For multiple locations, please submit a fresh order for each location.
(2.3) Delivery in Singapore only. Some restricted areas/places in Singapore do not allow delivery, you have to check to avoid unsuccessful delivery.
(2.4) We will message you/recipient (if provided) the delivery slot on that day of delivery.
(2.5) Delivery is subjected to our delivery schedule, traffic and weather condition or any unforeseen circumstances.

(2.6) You have to

  • Ensure the recipient's name, delivery/shipping address are accurate and correct.
  • Provide a contactable contact should the need arises to contact you regarding your order, payment or delivery.
  • Provide recipient's contact for delivery notification, if possible.

Above information is important for a fast and smooth delivery. Your order may be cancelled for missing information and you are not contactable.

(2.7) Change in delivery date - Contact us at least 3 days in advance from the initial/first delivery date. Failure to do so, we will deliver according to the first delivery date.
(2.8) Change in delivery address - Message us as soon as possible! We will try our best but if it is already on the way or delivered, we will not collect to re-deliver to a new address.

(2.9) We will not be liable for unsuccessful delivery due to, but not limiting to the following:

  • Wrong address or invalid address submitted.
  • Wrong name submitted or no such person at given address.
  • Security does not allow delivery.
  • Recipient refuses to acknowledge/receive goods/products.
  • Recipient is away and does not want goods/products to be left at specific location.
  • You and/or recipient are not contactable.

(2.10)For unsuccessful delivery,

  • You will have to request and pay for re-delivery.
  • Once the re-delivery fees is paid, we will then process and deliver your order, subjected to our delivery schedule.
  • Flowers/Bouquets are perishable and fragile goods. We will not be liable for the condition and/or damages of the goods/products while waiting for payment and re-delivery.

(2.11)For delivery left at specific location, eg. outside the house, with security, with neighbour/colleague, etc., we will not be liable for the condition and/or damages of the goods/products; or lost/theft of goods/products after delivery.
(2.12)We will not be liable for wrong names and/or wrong message submitted. Changes may be possible if the goods/products are not sent out for delivery yet. A fees may be charged.
(2.13)Once a delivery is made, we will not collect and/or re-deliver.
(2.14)For wrong product delivery, contact us within 24hrs with picture of the wrong product. If the wrong product is of higher value, you can choose to accept it without any top-up. If the wrong product is of lower value, you can choose to accept it with a refund of the difference in price. If you choose to reject it, we will make a replacement, re-deliver at our costs and collect the wrong product back.


  • (2.15.1) Re-delivery can happen only when the first attempted delivery of the products/goods are rejected/unsuccessful.
  • (2.15.2) Products/Goods left at specific location, eg outside the house, with neighbour etc, will not be collected and re-delivered.
  • (2.15.3) Re-delivery will be processed only when re-delivery fees is received.
  • (2.15.4) For quicker processing, please enter the following information when making the payment:
  • Order ID
  • Recipient's name (if applicable)
  • Delivery address (if applicable)
  • Contact (if applicable)
  • (2.15.5) Flowers/Bouquets are perishable and fragile goods. We will not be liable for the condition and/or damages of the goods/products while waiting for payment and re-delivery.
  • (2.15.6) We will discard the flowers/bouquets on the 4th day from the first delivery date if re-delivery fees is not paid. There will be no refund, compensation or re-delivery thereafter.
  • (2.15.7) Re-delivery date and timing will be subjected to our delivery schedule.
  • (2.15.8) For payment, please click: Re-delivery Fees.

(2.16) Delivery and re-delivery fees is non-refundable and subjected to change from time to time.

(3) Cancellation & Refund

(3.1) We are sorry that we do not allow cancellation or refund once an order is accepted or a deposit is paid, unless otherwise stated. If the cancellation is by us, we will refund the money partially or in full.
(3.2) We understand your frustration due to unforeseen circumstances, so we will allow you to change the delivery date. Please contact us as soon as possible, with at least 3 days advance notice from the first delivery date. Otherwise, once the order is processed or on its way to delivery, we will consider the order as sold and completed.
(3.3) For order on hold, we will keep it open for a year. When you are ready to send your order, just contact us with your Order ID. It is your responsibility to take note of the expiry date, ie a year from the first delivery date. After a year, the order will be forfeited and considered completed.

(3.4) For extraordinary cases, such as government policies and directives implementation (eg Covid19),

  • (3.4.1) Where we are unable to process the orders due to forced closure of our vendors/suppliers/partners' business and our business, we will make full refund for orders that fall within the period of closure. This is applicable to retail customers only. Not applicable for wedding, event, function, workshop, class, etc where a deposit has been collected, we will consider case by case for full or partial refund.
  • (3.4.2) Where our business is operating but you are not allowed to hold a wedding, event, function, workshop, class, etc., we will minus off what we have already purchased/prepared, labour costs and man-hours, and refund the remaining amount to you. However, we are keen to work with you to either postpone the date or replace with other goods/products where possible.

(3.5) My Bloom House will not be liable for any damages or losses resulted from cancellation of your order.

(4) Goods & Products

(4.1) All our images, photographs, pictures, graphics and/or representation shown are for illustrative purposes.
(4.2) Flowers/fillers/foliages/plants (collectively known as 'Flora') are subjected to availability. We handpick our Flora for freshness and colours, however, sometimes these can be limited by season and supply.
(4.3) Bouquets/arrangements will not be exactly the same as one another.

(4.4) We have listed 'Main' and 'Secondary' flowers under our product description.

  • (4.4.1) Some seasonal flowers may already have replacement flowers listed beside. If we are unable to get the flowers, we will replace it with another variety/type of flower. We may contact you to propose other flowers or refund the order.
  • (4.4.2) For fillers and foliages, they are at our discretion to choose suitable materials to complement/contrast the colours and textures of the Main and Secondary flowers.

(4.5) Rest assured that our bouquet/arrangement is worked based on the value purchased. Thus, for any substitution of materials, it will be of equal or greater value. We will not short-change our customers who trusted us.
(4.6) If a product is no longer available, we may contact you to propose other products or refund the order.
(4.7) All our bouquets will be wrapped. It may not have the same wrappers or wrapping as shown in the image.
(4.8) Flowers/Bouquets are perishable and fragile goods. We will not be liable for the condition and/or damages of the goods/products while waiting for payment and re-delivery.
(4.9) If two to three stems are broken during delivery, we will not take back and re-deliver. We will not compensate or make refund.
(4.10)Some plants may come with pot and soil in the bouquet/arrangement, and some may not. We will not provide any pot and soil for potting or re-potting.

(5) Flowers/Plants Care

(5.1) For bouquet, we suggest that you unwrap it or cut away the wrapper below to expose the stems. Place the bouquet in a vase of fresh water. Change the water every day and re-cut the stems (~2cm) every alternate day so that the bouquet will last longer.
(5.2) For arrangement in floral foam, we suggest that you add some water (depends on the size) into the container every alternate day.
(5.3) Avoid placing floral bouquet or arrangement where there is direct/strong sunlight or strong wind.
(5.4) Different plants need different growing environment, such as potting mix, water, humidity, sunlight, etc. Please do your own research on how to care for them.
(5.5) Plants survival depends on its growing environment and micro-climate. If you notice a plant is not doing well and if it is not due to the soil or watering, then try moving it to another place in the house/office or check for pests.
(5.6) We will not be liable for the plants' health after delivery.

(6) Promotional Or Marketing Events

We may run promotional or marketing events or programmes ("Event") from time to time, which offer discounts, products or gifts (collectively known as "Offer").
(6.1) The event will have its own set of rules and regulations, terms and conditions which we will publish on our Sites. We reserve the right to change the rules and regulations or terms and conditions of the event without notice.
(6.2) The event will run for a stipulated period. After which, the offer will deem as invalid.
(6.3) The event may be opened up to certain group of people only, eg. club members, new customers, etc., or for certain goods/products.
(6.4) The event may require a minimum sum of spending (excluding delivery fees).
(6.5) We may offer coupons for discounts, products or gifts for the event. We will not allow exchange, trade in or redeem for cash, other products or gifts.
(6.6) Should there be a refund of goods/products, it will be the usual selling price minus the discounts given. If it is accompanied with a gift or other product bundle, it will have to return to us.
(6.7) Products or gifts may be subjected to stock limit, so it will be first-come-first-serve while stock lasts. No reservation is allowed.
(6.8) We reserve the right to replace the products or gifts.
(6.9) Delivery of products or gifts is subjected to delivery fees, unless otherwise stated. Delivery fees is non-refundable.
(6.10) Our decision will be final.

(7) Credit Or Reward Coupon

(7.1) Credit coupon is a coupon that we offer to our customers out of goodwill, for open order or whatever reasons. It may be applicable to certain goods/products only.
(7.2) Reward coupon is a coupon that we offer to our customers for their contributions, loyalty or whatever reasons. It may be applicable to certain goods/products only.
(7.3) Coupon codes are unique and can only be used once. Hence it is customers' responsibility to not reveal their codes to others. Once the code is used, we will not re-issue a new code.
(7.4) Coupon may come with an expiry date. It is customers' responsibility to track the date. Once it expires, we will not extend the date.

(8) Use Of Coupon

(8.1) Coupon code may be used once or many times depends on the rules and regulations of the event, except for Credit and Reward Coupons which are for one-time use.
(8.2) Coupon may come with an expiry date. It is customers' responsibility to track the date. Once it expires, we will not extend the date.
(8.3) Coupon cannot be redeemed for cash or exchange for gifts.
(8.4) It cannot be used for delivery fees.
(8.5) It cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions or multiple coupons, unless otherwise stated.
(8.6) We will not re-issue codes if they are already used by other person (with or without your consent), lost or misplaced.
(8.7) Coupon code has to be keyed in and applied at Cart page. Please check your order and amount charged carefully before you proceed to checkout as we are not able to reverse the amount or refund the order if you forgot to apply the code.
(8.8) We may need to verify the validity of the coupon code before processing your order.

(9) Disputes

For any product dissatisfaction, please contact us within 24hrs after delivery with photos and description of the defects or wrong products. We will look into the matter and get back to you within 5 working days (Monday - Friday).

(10) Feedback

We value our customers' feedback and suggestions, so please write in to us for improvement of our workflow, services or possible new product.

(11) Testimonial

If you think we have done well and deserve some encouragement, do drop us a testimonial or a note of appreciation. This will certainly make us happy and keep us motivated!

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