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“Dear Succulent, I Promise I'll Never Desert You.” ~Unknown

Welcome to the Succulent Family!

Succulents grow in arid climates. They love bright light and hate having wet feet!
Here are some caring tips for growing succulents in Singapore. Different species may have different needs, observe your plant's growth and adjust accordingly.

Last but not least, happy gardening!

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Always Know & Observe Your Plants

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  • Google and read about succulents growing habitat.
  • Take note that Singapore's climate is hot and humid.
  • Monitor and observe its growth. If it is not growing well, move to another location or check your watering.


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  • Succulents love bright light.
  • Bright area and aircon room are fine.
  • Observe:
    • If they are scorched, it's too hot for them!
    • If they grow lanky, they need more light.
    • If they are leaning towards the light, rotate the pots.


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  • Succulents don't like wet feet, so water sparingly into the soil!
  • Water only when soil is dry.
  • Let soil dry out between waterings.
  • Water according to weather - Eg. raining season means no watering.
  • Underwater is better than overwater to prevent roots rot.

How to tell?

    1. Poke your finger deep into the soil. If finger feels moist = no watering.
    2. Base on the weight of the pot before and after watering to gauge dryness. Experiences will sharpen your intuition. If it feels super lightweight = need watering.

Plants need tender loving care.

Growing plants is therapeutic and it teaches us about love, patience, persistence, responsibility, and many other values.

Experience it today and never give up!

A plant's survival depends on many factors, hence MyBloomHouse.Com.Sg is not liable for any conditions of a plant, such as pests/fungal attack, roots rot, wilting, etc after delivery or after using the above tips.


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