Surprise Bouquet

Decide A Colour And Let Us Do The Magic For You!



Please read the fine print:
For Colour –
* At least 70% of the flowers’ colour will be from your chosen colour palette.
* Some fresh flowers’ colour are dyed by growers/suppliers which sometimes do not last as long.
* Most flowers will have some other colours in themselves, that’s part of nature.
* Colour palette includes any tints, shades or tones of the chosen colour.
* Pastel – Colours of high value and low saturation, or commonly known as light or pale colours.
* Muted – Colours that are less bright and more subdued. Opposite of muted colours is vivid colours.

Size Matters –
* A bouquet’s size depends on the type of flower and its pricing, eg Lily (big, showy flowers) vs Baby Breath (dainty, airy flowers). Generally, for the same flower type, a higher value means a bigger bouquet.

Image shown here is for illustrative purposes as flowers are subjected to availability and freshness. For more information, please check out our Terms & Conditions.

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