June 22 (Tue) & 23 (Wed) Delivery

To minimise wastage, these excess fresh flowers which are still in good condition are clearing at a lower price. Use them to liven up your home or send it as a gift.
Thank you for helping to reduce flower wastage.


Availability: Only 4 left in stock

Please include receiver’s and sender’s names in the message.

Choose either one:
(A) Bouquet with simple wrapping.
(B) “As-it-is” – Stems of the floral materials will not be cut short. It is meant for you to do your own floral arrangement. Good for practice too!

Only available for 22nd and 23rd June delivery to ensure the freshness of floral materials.
Free delivery.

Picture is for illustrative purpose only. Flowers varieties, colours and quantity depends on the excess available.

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