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"Flowers - The Universal Language Of Love" ~Felicia
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Floral Centrepiece

Fresh flower table arrangements have long been used to liven up a space, such as homes, restaurants, lobbies or offices. Flowers evoke joy and positivity, and a floral arrangement helps to soften and complement the hard furniture and cold walls.

Floral centrepiece is often the focus of events such as birthday, anniversary celebration or wedding. It is an important decoration as it captures the attention of guests who sit around the table. For some, it is a display of one's social status and wealth.

Horizontal table arrangement is suitable for long table setting, solemnization table or a reception area with long countertop.

Round arrangement and vertical arrangement are suitable for round table, coffee table, cocktail table, small space or corner of a room.

Have the power to change your ambience today!

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Stay Connected

Nature always has that calming effect. Be it a walk in the forest or catching the breeze at seaside, it's a moment of peace and sometimes a moment of healing.

And flower has that extra oomph! It sends positivity, happiness and solidarity subtly and immediately. Bring a part of nature indoor and let it be the first sunshine you see every day.

Embrace nature, embrace life.

"Stay Safe. Send Love" ~Felicia
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