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“Flowers - Universal Language of Love” ~Felicia

Giving flowers is a direct and simple way of expressing love, thoughts and gratitude for a person. Though flowers last for a fleeting moment, but they gently remind us the passing of time and seasons. Their beauty and scent subtly create memories that etch in our hearts and minds. They are known to have positive effects on moods, so make someone happy today!


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"Stay Safe. Send Love." ~ Felicia

Sometimes, especially when there's an event, we may have excess (not used) flowers which are still in good condition. To minimise wastage and to give these flowers a chance to shine, we would like to offer them at a cheaper rate. They will be good to send as a gift or to liven up a home.

You can request for a fresh floral bouquet or "as-it-is" condition which the stems will not be cut so that you can do your own floral arrangement.

Delivery is free, however delivery date(s) is fixed and quantity is limited.

Opens for booking now:

Delivery on 22/6/21 or 23/6/21 only.
Available quantity: 4

Thank you for helping to reduce floral wastage.

Fresh Floral Hand-tied Bouquets

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"My Love For You Blossoms Every Day." ~Unknown

Customized Fresh Flower Bouquets

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"In joy and in sadness, flowers are our constant friends." ~Okakura Kakuzo

Choose your flower or choose your colour palette,
then let us do the magic for your bespoke bouquet!

Choose My Flower

Choose My Color

Style My Own

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Let Love Blossom In You!

Flower arrangement, just like gardening, is fun, therapeutic and satisfying. It allows one to appreciate the beauty of mother nature and to enjoy it by creating your own style of arrangement.

For this DIY flower pack, we handpick an assorted flowers, fillers and foliages and send them right to you, saving you all the hassle and time in sourcing and preparing them.

Make your own floral bouquet or flower arrangement to decorate your home or send it as a gift to your loved ones.
Gather your friends, have a floral jamming session over a cup of tea and cakes, wouldn't that be lovely?

Unleash your creativity today!

My Bloom House + You!

Mystery DIY Flower Box
Unbox The Fun Weekly!


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