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"Flowers - The Universal Language Of Love" ~Felicia

2022 Year of the Tiger! Hear me roooooooar!

Fresh flower arrangements to spruce up your home this Chinese New Year.

Limited quantity, book yours now!

Delivery on 30th & 31st Jan. 

Special $48 Bouquet for 03-04 Feb Delivery

Get a $60 bouquet but pay only $48!

Order now to help reduce flower wastage.

With free delivery.

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Popular Flower Bouquets

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Economy Bouquets

Economy bouquets are sold at a special price so that excess floral materials are put to good use instead of going into the trash bin.

Well, excess flowers happen when we have to order more as a buffer for an event or project. To minimise wastage and encourage take-up, these fresh flowers that are still in good condition are offered at an affordable price with free delivery. You can choose to have a bouquet or "as-it-is" condition if you prefer to do your own design and arrangement.

To ensure the freshness of the flowers, the delivery dates are fixed and only a small quantity of bouquets is available.

Available For Delivery On

Feb 3rd & 4th

Thank you for helping with floral wastage.

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Big Bouquets

Customised Bouquets

Get a bespoke bouquet to make your celebration more meaningful and memorable.

Leave a good impression, leave a fond memory.

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Unique Armature Bouquets

Functional armature or commonly known as structure is used to support and control flowers such that interesting form can be achieved for a bouquet. The structure can be reused by placing it on top of a vase and then adding in some fresh flowers. A simple recycling trick to impress guests or friends.

As designers become more creative, the armature becomes an integral part of bouquet design. Intriguing structures are hand-crafted by floral designers who are trained in European floral design.

In Singapore, these structure bouquets are rarely offered commercially as it is time consuming to construct and often, it comes with a price tag because of the craftsmanship. Here we showcase some simple designs, if you need a unique bouquet for your wedding or magazine cover, please feel free to contact us to customise a bespoke armature bouquet.

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Stay Connected

Giving flowers is a direct and simple way of expressing love, thoughts or gratitude for someone.

Very often we give flowers to celebrate life and achieving milestone; but it is also through flowers, we share our grieve and loss. Nature thus plays an important and critical role in our life - it teaches us much about life and death.

Embrace nature, embrace life.

"Stay Safe. Send Love" ~Felicia
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